Mahmood’s father: Didn’t abandon him, if he thinks so, change surname.


The Relationship between Alessandro Mahmoud and his Father

Alessandro Mahmoud, known as Mahmood to the world, has taken inspiration from his relationship with his father – who left home when he was 5 years old – for several of his song lyrics. Including Soldi, the song with which he triumphed in Sanremo in 2019 for the first time: “Tell me if I miss you or you don’t care”, he recites to say a verse. Then, in various interviews, the thirty-year-old artist explained that his father abandoned him when he was “so small” that “the moments of anger came afterwards, and I overcame them”. And that his father, after leaving his mother, Anna Frau, had three other wives and other children: “I met a sister in Milan and a brother in Egypt”.

Ahmed Mahmoud’s Defense

The singer’s father, Ahmed Mahmoud, kept silent for years. But now he has decided to defend himself from the accusation of abandoning his son. And he did it with an interview granted to the Quotidiano Nazionale: “It is true that I have rebuilt my life but I have never abandoned Alessandro: there are photos of us two in the park, on holiday, on different occasions, even in Egypt. We went out to eat together, he even came to my house when I lived in Trezzano sul Naviglio, he took his little sister (who I had from another woman) in his arms”. The week before Mahmood participated in the Sanremo Festival with Soldi, continues Mr. Ahmed, “we went out for a drink together. I did not know that he was going to Sanremo nor that I had inspired his songs. Although we did not see each other often, the relationship was never broken and I would never have imagined that he could talk about abandonment. It hurts me to hear myself described in this way”.

The Relationship between Alessandro and his Mother

Mahmood in interviews about his family has always mainly talked about his mother who raised him alone. “She was both mother and father to me. I cannot say that dad was missing, because she gave me everything”. It was Mrs. Anna who pushed Alessandro towards the path of music: “I owe everything to mom. At first, she took me to the singing teacher, starting from Buccinasco, where she worked, and taking me to Baggio. Every day, a trip. My mom never let me lack anything, I studied and I got my diploma“. The artist and his mother are very close. Not surprisingly, as soon as he was proclaimed the winner of Sanremo 2022, in partnership with Blanco, with Brividi, Mahmood ran to embrace his mother. However, when speaking of his father, the artist never used the figure of anger: “People love each other, they no longer understand each other, they leave. I want to believe that everyone has humanity. There will be a way to clarify, I do not close the doors “, he said as a guest of Verissimo after his triumph with Soldi at Sanremo. It was 2019, and from his words it seemed that reconciliation with his father was not impossible. Now, however, Mr. Ahmed has revealed that he has had no news of his son for about a year.


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