Ginés Corregüela: Infidelity Revealed by Polygraph Test.


Ginés Corregüela’s TV Life

Ginés Corregüela’s television life continues to add chapters. This Friday, on ‘Deluxe’, the ‘king of XL sandwiches’ submitted himself to a polygraph that promised to uncover his most intimate secrets about himself and Yaiza Martin and her family… and it didn’t leave anyone indifferent! Although the contestant of ‘Supervivientes 2023’ showed his most natural side in Honduras, the truth is that many aspects of his life remain a mystery. For many programs he stars in, it seems there is always something else that puts him back in the media spotlight for his romance with the Canary Islander, conflicts with his daughter Miriam and his wife Isabel… and the recent meeting he had with his family after his return from the reality show.

Reconciliation with Family

His closest environment gathered with him and without the presence of Yaiza. The Jienense has confirmed that he has managed to reconcile with his sister Toni and his daughter Laura, but his sister Luisa Mari and his daughter Miriam are still distant from him because they do not agree with his decision to maintain a stable relationship with his current partner. She has also taken a hard hit thanks to Conchita’s machine.

Polygraph Results

The guest has confessed (and the polygraph has given him the right) that he has been alternating and maintaining sexual relationships with his ex-wife Isabel, his lover Luisa and his girlfriend Yaiza during the same period of time. In fact, he has also stated (and the polygraph has again given him the right) that he has taken Viagra to be able to do so. The questions have also revolved around the wedding with Yaiza and their plans for the future. He has stated that he wants to marry her and have children, and Conchita has confirmed that he is telling the truth. That’s it… his relationship with her seems to be in danger again. The Tiktoker has stated that his story with Yaiza is different, but the polygraph has questioned his fidelity. Although he has assured that he has never cheated on her, it has come out that he was lying and that he had been unfaithful to her. He has tried to explain himself unsuccessfully, but she, toneless, could not believe what she was hearing.


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