Hugo Manos parenting: 26-year gap with Laurent Ruquier sparks debate.


Laurent Ruquier and Hugo Manos: A Serious Relationship

Laurent Ruquier is still thriving with Hugo Manos, a handsome 26 year old who is younger than him. Age difference has never been a problem between them, as their relationship has been going on for five years! The couple is even considering getting married. As reported by Closer last April, Laurent Ruquier and Hugo Manos plan to say “yes” next summer in Paris. After that, the festivities would take place in the old castle of a famous actress in the Eure, before the newlyweds fly to Greece, where part of Hugo Manos’ family is from. “A grand celebration” would be organized, according to Closer. So it’s safe to say that between Hugo Manos and Laurent Ruquier, it’s serious!

Tigane, a Little Baby on the Way?

The presenter and his beloved could even consider starting a family. Indeed, although they are already very happy with their adorable Labrador Tigane, a little baby could soon join their home. This is how Hugo Manos sees the future, despite Laurent Ruquier’s advanced age. “I know it’s possible that one day I will want to have a child … But if I want to have a child in ten years, my partner will be seventy at that time,” he said on Touche pas à mon poste on Thursday June 1. A statement that can be disconcerting, nevertheless, Hugo Manos will not make age a barrier. “Having a child at seventy is also having a child and only knowing him for twenty years. But that doesn’t prevent me from wanting to have a child with the person I love,” he claimed.

Laurent Ruquier’s 60th Birthday

Let us recall that Laurent Ruquier celebrated his 60th birthday on February 24th. A milestone that wasn’t so difficult to pass. “Turning sixty doesn’t affect me. (…) I don’t feel old. I’ve always been out of fashion,” he first said to Télé Star. And he continued: “I’m better in my skin than I was at 30 or 40. Is it because I’m living with a younger man? I don’t think so. He’s going to be 35 this year!”


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