Infanta Cristina turns 58, shortly before reuniting with Urdangarin.


Princess Cristina’s 58th Birthday

Princess Cristina celebrates her 58th birthday on Tuesday, June 13th. A date that, although not round, does come at a time full of personal news, since it is expected to be the last time she blows out the candles as the wife of Iñaki Urdangarin. If her 57th birthday was marked by being the first after her separation from the father of her children when the relationship that the Vitorian maintained with a work colleague called Ainhoa Armentia came to light months before, this one will be marked by being the last before finally signing the divorce.

Divorce Delays

Despite speculation that Cristina and Iñaki’s divorce would be on June 5th (the date on which their youngest daughter Irene Urdangarin reached the age of majority), when the former Dukes of Palma would meet before a notary to formally dissolve their marriage, this has not yet happened. As we reported a few days ago, there would be problems when it came to reaching an agreement; while Urdangarin is not willing to give up his high standard of living despite having no income or job, Doña Cristina does not intend to finance the luxurious life of her former husband after he has started a relationship with Ainhoa Armentia. A tug of war fundamentally economic that their lawyers hope to solve in the coming weeks so that the divorce becomes a reality after a year and a half separated.

Family Reunion

But first, the sister of Felipe VI will live an uncomfortable reunion with the man she was married to for almost 25 years. Princess will meet her ex-partner on her daughter Irene’s birthday. This Friday, when the former Dukes of Palma will face each other at their daughter Irene’s graduation. An act in which the family will take the opportunity to celebrate the majority of the young and to which, in addition to their parents and their brothers Juan, Pablo and Miguel, the attendance of Princess Elena, Victoria Federica, Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía is expected, who maintain a very close relationship with their granddaughter. A family reunion marked by the disagreements between Doña Cristina and Urdangarin to reach a divorce agreement. Once again demonstrating that her children are the most important for her, the sister of Felipe VI will set aside her differences with her ex-husband so that Irene can live the most special day of her life.


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