Jordan Rania Hosts Dream Party for Future Daughter-in-Law


Celebrating the Union of the Queen’s Son and Daughter-in-Law

Queen Rania of Jordan held a grand celebration to mark the upcoming wedding of her son, Hussein, to Rajwa Al-Saif. As per tradition, days before the wedding, the bride was honored by her future mother-in-law, the Queen of Jordan, with a spectacular henna night attended by some 600 women from both families and representatives from all over Jordan. Rania embraced the occasion with a heartfelt speech that moved the bride and her guests. Queen Rania also gave an emotional speech for her daughter-in-law. Thus, the future daughter-in-law of the Queen of Jordan enjoyed an evening filled with music, dance, and artistic henna adornments on her hands.

A Free Concert for All

But that’s not all; before the big day, a free concert will be held open to all who wish to attend, making this union an unforgettable one.


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