Julie Elimination: Terrible News After Eviction, Sudden End


Koh-Lanta’s Adventure Coming to an End

Koh-Lanta’s adventure is coming to an end. On Tuesday night, the orientation challenge of this new season was broadcasted, which was contested between the contestants Tania, Frédéric, Nicolas and Julie after 38 days of play. Unfortunately, only three daggers were hidden among three search zones and it was Julie who was disadvantaged. At the end of the episode, she accepted her fate without bitterness. “I knew that the orientation race was not my strong point. I’m less frustrated because I tell myself that I was bad. I was not good, frankly I was fidgety,” she admitted.

Significant Weight Loss for Julie

It must be said that at the end of her adventure in the Philippines, Julie lost “ten kilos” as she told our colleagues from the Parisien. A significant weight loss for this high-level athlete who had a hard time resuming her career as a professional footballer upon her return to France. She also admits that her grueling experience in Koh-Lanta pushed her to retire. “My legs were like jelly. I had lost all my muscles, when I ran I felt that I was swaying a bit. It took me at least three months to recover. That’s what also precipitated the end of my career, which I announced last week. At 35, this comeback was much too long and I also hurt my knee in January. Even before leaving Koh-Lanta, I knew that I was closer to the end of my career than the beginning. Then I told myself that it was time to stop,” she told our colleagues.

Julie’s Plans for the Future

Julie now plans to “take a break” for a few months. She then wishes to open up to new football projects, “maybe to defend the interests and rights of professional players, maybe consultant …”. To be continued! Let us recall that Nicolas went very quickly during the orientation challenge by finding a dagger in only 50 minutes. It was much later that Tania qualified for the posts after 4h40 of race. Finally, Frédéric succeeded after 5h20 of search. Viewers will find Julie during the grand finale. She will be part of the jury that will decide the winner of the season among the last two adventurers after the posts.


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