Lea Salame & Franck Gastambide: Charismatic Banter for Years!


Love Story Between Léa Salamé and Franck Gastambide

Between Léa Salamé and Franck Gastambide, it’s a story that’s been going on for a while. When the director and actor are near the journalist, the atmosphere is always somewhat flirtatious. Although things got off to a bad start for this duo in 2016, they have since been resolved. And even more.

Mutual Admiration

This Saturday, June 3rd, he was the guest of Quelle époque! for his film Medellin (Amazon Prime), and he once again reminded her of his admiration for the one who shares her life with Raphaël Glucksmann. “I really like Franck Gastambide,” said Léa Salamé at the beginning of the show when Christophe Dechavanne teased her about her supposedly bright look when she looked at the director. “It’s mutual, you know, and it’s been going on for years,” said Franck Gastambide. This declaration provoked some reactions from the audience. “Who’s saying ‘woo hoo’ there?” joked Christophe Dechavanne before asking Ramzy Bédia’s acolyte: “It’s been going on for years, what?” “This admiration I have for Léa,” the director of Pattaya quickly replied. Is there a problem?” “I’ll tell you, you wouldn’t do MMA, that could be one,” concluded the former host of Coucou c’est nous, jokingly.

Flirting and Admiration

Already between them, the atmosphere had been somewhat the same in 2021 when Franck Gastambide confided to the journalist and mother of a little Gabriel: “It’s always very cute. Every time I come and we look at each other during the interviews…” “Ah, he’s flirting with me! I’m a bit annoyed…”, she had retorted with a nervous little laugh. A few moments earlier, Laurent Ruquier had stated: “She’s really impressed. She finds you sexy…” Which Léa Salamé had not denied at all. “Yes, he’s sexy!” And obviously, between them, it’s meant to last.


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