Leonardo DiCaprio, Sardinia Yacht Vacation with a Bikini Friend


Where is Leonardo DiCaprio Cruising?

Like everyone else, during Memorial Day weekend you had only one thing on your mind: where is Leonardo DiCaprio cruising on a yacht? We can answer the first part of the question with some certainty, but the second remains a bit vague. After the triumphant premiere of his latest film, Killers of the Flower Moon, at the Cannes Film Festival just over a week ago, the 48-year-old Oscar winner has stayed in the Mediterranean. He was spotted first by TMZ and then by the Daily Mail, aboard a superyacht off the coast of Sardinia. If your geography is a bit rusty, Sardinia is the larger of two major islands in the Mediterranean between Italy and France. The smaller one, Corsica, is to the north. Corsica is a French territorial collectivity, while Sardinia is an Italian region with special status. In fact, it is from Sardinia that sardines take their name (I thought sardines were disgusting until I visited this part of the world and just realized I had never eaten good ones).

Who is Leonardo DiCaprio With?

As for the people with whom the Titanic and Revenant star was yachting, alas, we can’t provide any names. We’ll let you know. We can say, however, that if you look at the photos published by the Daily Mail, you’ll discover that the actor (who is wearing a blue swimsuit and, in some shots, a beige baseball cap) is in the company of strapping young men and a young woman in a pink bikini. The British press agency describes her as a “stunning brunette beauty flaunting a jaw-dropping figure.” Who are we to disagree? It is also believed that DiCaprio is not the owner of the yacht.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Love Life

If you recall, Leo celebrated the start of 2021 by taking a cruise on a yacht in Saint Barts, in the Caribbean, with then 23-year-old Victoria Lamas. The man loves boats and (as has been noted more than once) does not shy away from the company of young women. For most of the year, Leo has been linked to Gigi Hadid, but if you study all the charts and diagrams closely, there’s reason to suppose the two are back to being friends. As reported by Page Six, at the April Coachella, DiCaprio was seen in “apparently intimate” poses with 37-year-old Russian model Irina Shayk, who has a daughter with Bradley Cooper. Leo and Irina are old friends (according to People, they were spotted dating in Cannes in 2015). The model-actress was indeed present at Cannes this year, wearing a dress that left very little to the imagination, even by “Russian model at Cannes” standards.


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