Louis Del Galles Wimbledon: “Angry” for losing Final.


Louis’ Impresive Public Show

It is difficult to imagine Louis composed and impassible on the sidelines, given his impetuosity, while for the older siblings, 10 years for George on July 22nd and 8 for Charlotte in May, it is decidedly simpler to behave in public. The eldest son of the Prince of Wales had already been to Wimbledon in 2022, while the sister, who did not miss a moment of the match between Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz, had an impeccable debut: she was seen chatting with King Felipe VI of Spain and other neighbors, perfectly at ease.

Louis’ Anger at Not Being Taken to Wimbledon

Louis did not take it at all well that mum Kate Middleton and dad William decided not to take him to the Wimbledon final with his older siblings George and Charlotte. Princess of Wales revealed this small background, before taking her place in the royal box, she chatted with some boys charged with being ball boys. Louis stayed at home “very angry,” said Kate, adding that the 5-year-old boy is learning to be a good ball boy himself. “He tries to practice standing up and staying serious like us,” said a boy named Joel to the Associated Press, after talking to Middleton.

Louis at the RAF Air Tattoo in Gloucestershire

Louis’ baby fans, however, were not left completely dry last weekend. On Friday, July 14th, the little prince accompanied his parents and siblings to Gloucestershire to attend an RAF air show. Who knows if there will be a place for him next year in the royal box of the temple of tennis. He certainly can’t wait.


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