Louise Bourgoin Traumatized by Love Loss with Julien Doré


From Visual Arts Teacher to Famous Actress

She was not at all dedicated to a career as an actress, but rather to a career as a visual arts teacher. But fate made it so that Louise Bourgoin became an actress. During her studies at the Beaux-Arts, the young woman learned to love cinema by watching the performances of her favorite artists. She eventually became incredibly popular, later on, on television, making France laugh with her chronicles on the show Le Grand Journal, especially her crazy weather forecast.

The Challenges of Being a Female Actress

“For a long time, young women who were considered ‘cute’ were not offered brilliant characters,” Louise Bourgoin explains in Madame Figaro. This has obviously changed, but I was afraid of being confined to a limited territory when I started in cinema. I will always remember a guy who, in a hardware store, told me: ‘But you’re the call-girl from Canal+.’ Not very reassuring. But I think and I hope I have gone beyond that.” She now has her place in the world of French cinema. Nevertheless, the 41-year-old actress remains modest and discreet.

A Private Life

“I don’t like parties or social networks,” she assures. And I was exposed so much at the beginning that I took the opposite approach. For three hundred and fifty episodes of Le Grand Journal, I was live on air every night in front of two million viewers. I had my fill. Moreover, when I was with Julien Doré, at the time of the Nouvelle Star for him and the weather for me, our couple was a godsend for the press. At 25, to be deprived of one’s story is traumatic. Since then, I have been very secretive about my personal life. I needed to build my family on screen, to be in the real, the concrete.” Louise Bourgoin was in a relationship with Julien Doré for 3 years, from 2007 to 2010. She has been in a relationship in the shadows with the musician Tepr since 2013, with whom she had two children in 2016 and 2020.


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