Manolo Zarzo: Health at 91 thanks to wife


An Emotional Tribute to Manolo Zarzo

Dynamic, attractive, in top shape… Nobody would say that Manolo Zarzo is already 91 years old, since, although he says he is retired, he still participates in some film and television projects. His career is prolific and extensive and for this reason, the Spanish Academy of Cinema wanted to pay him an emotional tribute. “It is very gratifying that they remember me” – he confessed moved – The pity is that, unfortunately, many of my old friends have already died.

A Life of Happiness and Frugality

SOON: We see you very well… MANOLO ZARZO: Memory I’m very good. Physically, something spoiled because they have operated on my spine and that makes me sleep a little bad, but otherwise, I’m perfect. In my family we have a good genetics. All of my brothers have passed 90 years. I’ve never been to a gym, but I don’t smoke or drink alcohol. P.: For many, it is not easy to move forward as a retired actor… M.Z.: I have my pension, and as I have been very busy, I have some savings. I was smart and I knew how to save. I have not wasted money, unlike many of my colleagues. I come from a family of workers.

A Loving Relationship

P.: With your second wife, Pilar, I have always seen you very happy. M.Z.: I am. I was very lucky that she came into my life almost 45 years ago. We love each other, we get along very well and we have two wonderful children. Pilar is 20 years younger than me, but age has never been a handicap in our marriage. If at my 91 years I am so well it is thanks to her, to her love and her care. She is an extraordinary woman, beautiful inside and outside. I am a happy man.


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