María Celia Pedraza: Grieving Over Father’s Death


Grieving for the Loss of a Loved One

Maria and Celia Pedraza received one of the saddest news of their lives on Monday: the death of their father. Both sisters, always very close, are devastated at the funeral of their progenitor, who passed away last Monday. Maria Pedraza and her sister Celia are living through very difficult times after the death of their father and, although the actress has not commented on it, she has shared certain plans she is doing on her day to day, such as riding a horse or spending time with her pet. It is true that she has shared some images of herself in selfie mode without makeup and with a sad look in her swollen eyes. Maria Pedraza takes refuge in her family and her pet in her most difficult moments.

Finding Joy in Family

Despite this sad family news, yesterday, Miguel Herran, Celia’s boyfriend and former co-star in the series ‘Elite’, shared the happy news that they will become parents in the coming months, something that the actress herself has wanted to share on her social networks showing the image of the baby’s ultrasound, of which, the sex is still unknown.

Preparing for the Future

Maria Pedraza and her family are looking forward to the future with joy, as they prepare for the arrival of the new baby. They are hopeful that this new addition to the family will bring them comfort and happiness in these difficult times.


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