Marine Delterme Sexy in Bikini: Sensation on Web with Plunging Neckline!


Marine Delterme: Actress, Mother and Woman

Marine Delterme is proof that you can be an actress, mother and woman all at once! Although she is quite discreet in the media, she is very active on Instagram where she enjoys posting all kinds of photos but especially selfies. Very comfortable with her image, the former heroine of the series Alice Nevers, the judge is a woman (TF1) which stopped in 2022, never hesitates to reveal herself more sensual than ever.

Summer Holidays in the Sun

Between two old shooting photographs, the 53-year-old actress posted a surprising photo, from her holiday destination. Lying on her stomach on a blue beach towel, Marine Delterme looks at the camera with a mischievous look. Behind her sunglasses, we can’t make out her gaze, but her smile indicates that she is having a very pleasant time in the sun. But what attracts the most attention is her plunging neckline which she does not hesitate to highlight. She is also wearing a very simple red swimsuit and has gathered her hair into a similarly basic ponytail. “Good week to all!”, she wrote in the caption of this photo that smells of summer and beach holidays.

Subscribers Overwhelmed by Marine’s Beauty

Out of respect for privacy, the actress did not want to specify where she is. However, from the scenery we can see behind her, we can conclude that she is in the courtyard of a swimming pool, determined to maintain her summer tan before everyone else! In the comments, the subscribers were very numerous to be overwhelmed by the beauty of Marine Delterme and most of them did not hesitate to make it known. “You are beautiful!”, “But this angelic face!”, “The sun makes you shine”, “Always so beautiful and charming”, “How to spend a bad week with this diving lightning?”, “Always so radiant!”, “You cheer me up!”, “What a nice view!”, “Beauty incarnate!”, can be read among the most dithyrambic comments. This very sexy photo even inspired a small poem from one of her faithful fans… “Like a frail boat on an ocean of beauty, I capsize in front of this sublime storm”, he wrote with passion!

Marine’s Love Life

To remind, Marine Delterme had two children. The first, Gabriel, was born in 1998 from her first union with the Swiss actor Jean-Philippe Écoffey. In December 2008, she gave birth to Roman, the fruit of her love with the writer, screenwriter and director Florian Zeller. She even became the wife of the latter on June 5, 2010 and the couple regularly appear at major official events such as the Night of Molières, the César ceremony, the Cannes Festival, the Roland-Garros tournament and even the Oscars! Florian Zeller even won the Oscar for best adapted screenplay in 2021. Nothing less!


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