Mario Biondo Death: 10 Years Unsolved Mystery – All Clues Revealed


The Mystery of Mario Biondo’s Death

Ten years ago, Mario Biondo died. On May 30, 2013, the television cameraman was found dead in his home, which he shared with presenter Raquel Sánchez Silva, whom he had married since 2012. A decade later, the cause of the Spanish man’s death is a matter of dispute between the relatives of Mario and Sánchez Silva, who has always stayed on the sidelines and has not made any statements about this issue.

Investigations After the Death

A few days before this anniversary, Santina and Pippo Biondo reappeared with news, and in these 10 years they have not stopped looking for answers. From the first moment, Mario Biondo’s parents did not believe that their son had committed suicide, and the investigations that have followed seem to give them the right, at least in part. What have been the most important keys in this case? The body of the 29-year-old man was found that May 30, semi-hanged, hanging from a shelf in the apartment on Magdalena Street in Madrid, which he shared with Sánchez Silva. The parents of Mario Biondo are not alone in denying suicide, and friends of his son and some professionals have supported them in this process. Also the Italian justice, although in Italy the case was closed in August 2022. The Biondo family, who had hired an American company to identify the devices that were active the night of the death, managed to carry out new autopsies and exhumations, and also that the Italian justice spoke of this case as a “murder”. Two exhumations and three autopsies of the body were made. In this line, Óscar Tarruella, who maintains contact with the family, also spoke in favor of the murder theory. “I have no doubt that Mario’s death was a deliberate homicide or a premeditated murder. From the first day, I was clear that it was not a suicide,” Tarruella said in an interview.

The Italian Judicial Order

The Spanish authorities concluded that he committed suicide, but this theory was refuted by the Italian justice later. The judicial order of Palermo last year points to several errors in the investigation of the case. ‘La Vanguardia’ had access to it. “At the time of the body’s discovery, in the immediacy of the facts, investigative activities (environmental and telephone interceptions, acquisitions of telephone records) should have been carried out that, had they been promptly disposed of in the immediate aftermath of the body’s discovery, could have allowed the obtaining of elements of extreme investigative relevance.” In the order, the judge denies that Mario Biondo had consumed any type of substance: “The toxicological examination (which, as will be seen later, was contradicted by subsequent investigative acts) revealed the presence of alcohol and cocaine in Mario Biondo’s blood. However, this presence is not enough to conclude that Mario Biondo was under the effects of these substances at the time of his death.


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