Married at First Sight: Disappointed Candidate Reveals Regrets


The Couple from MAFS 2023

This is one of the couples from Married at First Sight 2023 that has been talked about the most since the show began. Estelle (30 years old) and Maximilien (31 years old) are compatible at 80% and united in front of their loved ones.

Bülent’s Behavior

However, the behavior of the candidate or her father Bülent has not always been unanimously accepted. Is it due to the editing? On Tuesday, May 30th 2023, during a Q&A on Instagram, the young woman spoke about the subject. Maximilien is living an adventure unlike any other in Married at First Sight. From the start, he learned that the future bride’s father had some doubts and wanted to meet his parents. Once his approval was given, Bülent went to Gibraltar. But he had not hesitated to interrupt the ceremony to talk to the sports coach, before Estelle and he said “yes”. He had once again taken him aside during the evening to give him an ultimatum. He had indeed made it clear that Estelle and he had to quickly decide who was going to leave their city to move in with the other. This situation had destabilized and annoyed Maximilien. Since then, his father-in-law’s shadow has been hovering over their relationship. To this was added a fit of jealousy from his wife. In the episode of May 29th, Estelle did not appreciate learning that he could go to women’s homes for private coaching. This led to a small argument.

The Internet’s Reaction

His behavior, as well as that of his father, has not always been unanimously accepted by the Internet users. But according to the candidate, the editing is largely responsible. During her Q&A, she first regretted that her father’s and her characters had been “a bit exaggerated”. Then, after explaining that it was sometimes complicated to be in the media, she talked about the image she reflects in the show: “I don’t like the image I reflect either. It is difficult to be natural while thinking about the cameras around us.” Finally, Estelle was not spared from the famous question that comes up for all the candidates. The one about the editing. The opportunity to discover that she is “a bit disappointed”. “I would have liked to see a bit more of my mother and my loved ones”, she concluded.


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