Mask Singer 5 – Biche unmasked, Husky wins, stumps detectives to the end.


Beautiful Costumes for Mask Singer

These are beautiful costumes that have been made for this fifth edition of Mask Singer. The Deer’s is the perfect example. Is it a beauty queen or a model? Nothing is less certain, and to find out its identity, Jeff Panacloc, Michèle Bernier, Kev Adams and Élodie Frégé had to double their efforts. For every second they lost allowed this character to slowly but surely move closer to the final victory, thus succeeding the Turtle, the great winner of season 4. Unfortunately, she lost in the final, Friday 2 June, against the Husky. Discover her identity!

Uncovering the Deer’s Identity

“X2”, or “times two”. An equivocal clue, but which still remains a new element within the reach of the investigators. – Her heart was broken one day.- A gingerbread appeared during her first magnéto, as well as a banana and a carriage in front of a castle – She made herself known as a singer, finally… “You could say that”.– Elodie Frégé would be the one who should have “the most ease” to unmask her- In her locker, we find a duck figurine where we can read “Breizh”, which means Brittany, as well as the number 2 and a crown- She brought “African spices” after traveling all over the world- She would also have gone to the White House- The flag of Brittany was unveiled in her magnéto- She brought an object clue on stage: a scarf from Paris Saint-Germain, the famous football club. “Stadiums make me vibrate!”– She started her career very young- She was part of a group- She did a lot of dance and the audience saw her perform “perilous” performances- The deer says she is “a little medium”- In her life as a doe, she met many other animals, including a striped insect. These two animals were reunited on stage with other artists in order to “unite their forces and their voices to try to make things move”- An object was brought on stage: a toy-shaped microphone. The Deer has always loved “playing” with her voice- She likes to lounge “in the sun”- She would have a link with Carmen- We could have “a flash” and remember her- The sum “10 million” was also mentioned in her magnéto- Mistakes in her career would have been “very badly seen”- She could know how to tap dance- She has already collaborated with a huge international artist- She is used to leading roles, “when it sings”

Clues Revealed by Children and Madame Irmask

Children revealed new clues about the Deer on Friday 12 May. She has “dark brown” hair and eyes, as well as a “big bun”. A “end of day” hairstyle. She has “a blue dress” and a “scarf”. She has “beige skin”. “Madame Irmask”, a fortune teller, revealed new clues about the Deer on Friday 19 May. “She doesn’t just sing” and “she likes challenges”.


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