Mask Singer 5: Elodie Frégé moved by unmasked Camel in finale.


Discover the identity of the Camel

Missed Mask Singer? To your great pleasure, the show returned to TF1 on April 14th. A season 5 marked by new changes, starting with the costumes. Goodbye to the Elephant, the Turtle (last year’s big winner), the Mouse or the Bride. Now it’s time for the Husky, the Alien, the Witch or the Camel. The latter was ready to do a lot of damage and go as far as possible in the competition. His goal: to keep the investigators as far away as possible from his real identity. But alas he had to unmask himself in the middle of the final on Friday, June 2nd. Discover his identity!

Clues about the Camel

“Alphonse” is the first clue that was given about him. – A gold tooth was revealed in his first magneto. – He managed to make a good “network”. – He loves to stage himself alone or with friends. There is “always room for two”. – They are indeed two, a man and a woman. – In his locker, we find a night light, a photo of Alain Delon and a blue construction helmet. – He would have a link with Italy and Dubai, where he has already shot. He does not go unnoticed in Morocco or Egypt. – He might potentially have a link with “Brice de Nice” – He brought an object clue to the show’s stage: two rings – the first name Alphonse – a sign with the words “A train can hide another” – a clock, the LOL logo, the first name Alphonse, – a toothbrush – a mobile phone – The Camel lives on love and fresh cream, related to gag videos – He likes to joke and make funny videos – The Camel is not a singer but Mask Singer is not his first musical experience, he has already appeared in music videos – Two objects were brought on stage: a mother-in-law’s tongue and a fart cushion – The letter M was revealed in his magneto, as well as a poster for the movie “Scarface” – He would have a link with Keen’v and Robert de Niro – We have seen him in all his profiles, the best and the “least graceful”

Children’s Clues and Fortuneteller’s Clues

Children revealed new clues about the camel on Friday, May 12th. It’s “a girl and a boy”. They are “married”. They have “dark brown eyes”. The girl would be “22 years old” and the boy “30 years old”. They would be a lot on their phones. On Friday, May 19th, the fortuneteller Madame Irmask gave new clues about the camel. He knows how to “let off the vanes”. She made the face of the chef Cyril Lignac appear, then that of Kev Adams. The camel would also have something to do with the social network “TikTok”. He would have missed a “catastrophe”. He would have met “quite important accidents in life”. A clue was brought on stage: the SIM card of a phone. It is indeed two personalities who hide under the camel costume, a duo never seen before in the show.


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