Megan Fox Reply: Politician Accused of Forcing Kids to Wear Girl Clothes


Megan Fox and Her Children

In recent years, Megan Fox has been talked mostly about her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly, seasoned with love proofs based on pendants containing blood, breakups and alleged comebacks of flame. This time, however, the actress ended up under the spotlight of gossip due to the three children she had from her ex-husband Brian Austin Green (with whom she was married for ten years): Journey River, 5 years old, Bodhi Ransom, 7 and Noah Shannon, 9.

Robby Starbuck’s Social Anathemas

The politician Robby Starbuck wrote that he had seen Fox’s children in the park: “And two of them were in a fit of nerves because their mother had forced them to wear female clothes. I saw the nanny comforting them. This is called abuse. Pray for them”. The first to reply to Starbuck was Brian Austin Green, the father of the children: “This is a totally false story. This person, for purely selfish reasons, is willing to negatively influence a parent-child relationship,” the divo told Tmz. Immediately afterwards came the Instagram post, very hard, of the same Megan Fox: “Hey, Robby Starbuck. I really don’t want to pay attention to you, because you are clearly looking for power, but let me teach you something … No matter how desperate your need for wealth, power, success or fame, never use children as a social lever. Exploiting my son’s gender identity to draw attention to your political campaign has put you on the wrong side of the universe. I have been burned by narcissistic, insecure, impotent, little men like you many times. Yet I am still here. You messed with the wrong witch”.

Megan Fox’s Support of Her Children’s Choices

After all, Megan has always been very clear on the subject: “My male children are free to dress as they wish,” she said in 2017. Then, in 2021, she revealed that Noah Shannon, because of his passion for female clothes and pink clothing, had become “the target of bullies”. Fox has always supported her children’s choices, who she has educated since they were small by talking to them about gender and identity. And to Noah, as she revealed last year, she usually gives fairy tales written by transgender children. Because she wants to teach him that you can wear whatever you want and that “this has nothing to do with your sexuality”.


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