Natalie Portman, Infidelity Crisis?


Natalie Portman: Private Life in the Public Eye

Natalie Portman wants to be the director of the public narrative on her private life. What does that mean? For some time now, there have been rumors about her husband, choreographer Benjamin Millepied, 45, and a purported relationship with a woman twenty years younger. This could be the activist Camille Etienne, 25. A few days ago, the Oscar winner was at the Cannes Film Festival to present a movie, but these days everyone is talking about something else. Natalie Portman, 41, had been seen just a few hours earlier exchanging affection with Millepied.

Rumors of a Relationship with a Younger Woman

Reports from Voici and Page Six suggest that the two were first seen together at a Paris concert of Beyoncé and the next day, last Friday, May 27, presumably after learning of the affair. And in Paris, two days later, they seemed to be serenading happily for the photographers while dining at the restaurant Georges with director Todd Haynes and other friends. Currently, according to The Daily Mail, the couple – who married in 2012 and have two children – would have reunited because the flirtation lasted little and was archived by the artist as a giant mistake. The spokespersons of the two remain silent and a loud silence falls on this relationship so far considered solid, also because always away from the spotlights.

Natalie Portman’s History with Benjamin Millepied

According to Page Six, it would not be the first time: the two would have separated already last year to try again. Natalie Portman, in short, has returned to swallow up the betrayal and is trying to make the marriage work for the sake of the children, but the serenity has not returned. Natalie Portman would have come to know of the betrayal in March, a couple of months before the photos leaked on May 24th. Exactly what did these images portray? Millepied and Etienne enter separately into his office, then leave two hours later and ten minutes apart. It is not known what the actress thought at that moment, given her long relationship with her husband. She met him in 2009 on the set of a movie, which would later give her an Oscar for Best Actress. It was Millepied who choreographed the thriller directed by a famous director and since then they have not left each other. The former French first dancer has a world-famous career and in 2013 he was nominated director of a prestigious institution. At the time he was living with ballerina Isabella Boylston, who left just for Natalie Portman. The actress’s pregnancy accelerated the engagement and the wedding with a Jewish rite: now Aleph, the firstborn is 12 years old and Amalia is 5, but both are kept away from the public scene.


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