Prince Hussein’s Sisters, Salma & Veil of Bride’s Care.


Celebrating an Important Event

As Jordanians celebrate with balloons and bands on the streets of Amman for one of the most important events in their country’s history, a relaxed atmosphere is seen at Palace Zahran for the wedding of Crown Prince Hussein and the Saudi aristocrat and architect, Rajwa al-Saif.

The Royal Family of Jordan

In the elegant palace gardens, 140 guests including some of the most powerful families in the world, witnessed the marriage of the firstborn of King Abdullah and Queen Rania of Jordan. The royal family of the Arab country was at the center of the ceremony, especially the groom’s sisters, Princesses Imam and Salma of Jordan. Princess Imam of Jordan, 26 years old, the eldest daughter of the King and Queen of Jordan, wore a turquoise blue dress with a one-shoulder and pleated sleeve, a flounce on the hem and a round neckline decorated with a line of rhinestones. Her hair was loose and combed into thin curls, with a part in the middle and without much jewelry. Imam married Jameel Alexander Thermiotis (two years older), a millionaire Venezuelan of Greek origin who before converting to Islam was called Jimmy, in a brief and far from ostentatious wedding for 150 guests in March of this year. Princess Salma of Jordan, 24 years old, the third daughter of King Abdullah and Queen Rania, wore a nude dress with a high neck and very wide long sleeves, with heels of the same color as the dress and a waist cut similar to that of her sister. The princess is not yet married. At the beginning of this year, after completing her studies at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in England, becoming the first female pilot of the Armed Forces, she obtained a degree in Archaeology at the University of Southern California. Both gave up their purses when they entered the site. The reason? They had been chosen to carry the bride’s train. A task they performed with enthusiasm at every step, escorting her down the aisle, through the palace rooms and gardens.

The Youngest Son of the Jordanian Kings

It was Hashem of Jordan, the youngest son of the Jordanian kings, 18 years old, who escorted the bride arm in arm with his brother, future king of the country.


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