Rocío Flores complains about body criticism


Rocío Flores Denounces Attacks on her Physical Appearance

Rocío Flores has complained again about the criticism that she receives about her physical appearance. It has been through an Instagram story where the young woman has again denounced the constant attacks she receives on her social media. The influencer, who uses her networks as one of her main sources of income, has shared her latest post again, where she appears posing very sexy with a pink dress, along with a reflection: “I see this photo and I have mixed feelings“.

Criticism Received by Rocío Flores

On the one hand, Rocío assures that she feels “sorry for some comments making fun of people’s physical appearance”, referring to the criticism she has received for this photo. “So much filter, it looks disproportionate“, “Is there anything of yours in your body?”, “Ordinary as always” or “You have changed so much that you have lost your identity” are just some of the messages she has received.

Support from Followers

On the other hand, the young woman has also wanted to thank the attitude of her followers who have spoken up for her: “Much joy to see that there are people who are happy that people are doing well in life“. This is not the first time that Rocío has complained about the constant negative messages she receives through the networks, either about her body or about her family.


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