Alessandro Lequio’s daughter Ena & Aless in fight vs cancer (unseen photo)


A Special Memory Shared by Alessandro Lequio

Alessandro Lequio has shared an unpublished photo of a very beautiful moment with his children, Ena and Aless. The Count always boasts of the fantastic relationship he had with his son, who passed away in 2020, as well as the complicity he has with his little one on his social networks.

Alessandro and His Daughter Visited Aless in New York

When Ana Obregón’s son also passed away, Ginevra was still very small, so the siblings could not enjoy each other for a long time. However, the collaborator of ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’ has wanted to share this special memory of when Alessandro and his daughter went to visit the young man in New York in 2018. Alessandro has published this tender image of 2018, in which Aless is having a great time with his little sister. Aless spent some time there to treat the illness he was suffering from, which eventually ended his life.

Alessandro Refuses to Let Memories Be Forgotten

The Count refuses to let all these beautiful images and memories be forgotten, so from time to time he shares these pills with his social media followers. On the other hand, it seems that the collaborator still refuses to meet his granddaughter, Ana Sandra, who is in charge of Ana Obregón. Despite being Aless’s biological daughter, he is reluctant and very critical of everything related to her.


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