Monaco family outing: Gabriella, Caroline & Stephanie in angelic, rural look.


The 4th Grimaldi Historical Sites Meeting

On Saturday 10th June 2023, the 4th Grimaldi Historical Sites Meeting was organised on the Palace Square in Monaco. It was an opportunity for Prince Albert to organise a big family outing with his wife Charlene, but also his two children, Jacques and Gabriella. Once again, the Princely family of Monaco had dressed up before going out in public, knowing they would be photographed.

Little Gabriella of Monaco Sensation

On that day, little Gabriella of Monaco made a sensation by wearing a very appropriate angelic countryside look. The daughter of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene was wearing a beautiful white dress, perfectly suited for such a sunny day on the Rock. Furthermore, the twin sister of little Jacques of Monaco was wearing a stylish hat, perfectly matching her outfit, mainly to protect her from the sun.

Activities Planned for the Meeting

Many activities were planned for the 4th Grimaldi Historical Sites Meeting on Saturday 10th June 2023. For example, a pen containing horses had been installed on the Palace Square. Thus, little Gabriella of Monaco was able to feed them with her two aunts, Princesses Caroline and Stephanie of Monaco. The daughter of Prince Albert was also able to attend the demonstration of a falconer with one of his birds, along with her twin brother, before sitting down to listen to the speech given by her father that day.


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