Moundir haircuts long hair, fans shocked!


End of an Era: Moundir Cuts His Long Hair

It’s the end of a hair era that everyone has known! Moundir, the mythical candidate of season 3 of Koh-Lanta, decided this Saturday, June 10th, 2023, to cut the long hair he had been wearing for years now… A decision not very complicated to make since the one who later became a TV presenter was visibly starting to get tired of having to maintain his tousled hair. So with an undisguised smile, the father of Aliya (born in 2015), Ali (born in 2019) and Aya (born in 2020), took to his Twitter account to announce this major change to his subscribers. “Well, long hair is over! Since 2003 I’ve been carrying you on my head, we still had some great adventures…”, he wrote with a lot of humor in the caption of a short video in which we can see him sitting in a chair, in the hands of a hairdresser.

A Radical Change Shared by Many

All smiles, the former adventurer does not seem at all worried about leaving this mythical hairstyle with which he made himself known. “Come on guys, let’s go! I’ve had long hair since 2003, during my first Koh-Lanta… But it’s a hassle now, so let’s change it. You can go ahead!”, he says to his hairdresser while holding his ponytail between his scissors. In three snips of the scissors, the job is done! Goodbye long hair, Moundir is officially a different man. “That’s it, no more talking about it!”, he says as the professional offers him to recover his ponytail. A few hours later, the one who became famous thanks to his many cult replicas posted a video revealing the result of this makeover sequence. Gone is the low ponytail, Moundir now wears a nice fade. On the top of his head, his short hair is still curly and has been carefully groomed by the hairdresser. A radical change that obviously shares a lot with his fans… Indeed, many of them love it but are also very many who prefer the old Moundir. “Shocked!”, “We’ll have to get used to it…”, “Why did you do that?”, “Are you going to let it grow back?”, “It suits you too well!”, “It makes you look 10 years younger!”, “A little thing suits you”, “Very good decision!”, can be read among the most liked comments.

Moundir Feels Better with Short Hair

But Moundir feels better with short hair and that’s the main thing…


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