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Jorge Javier Vázquez Breaks Silence

Far away from the small screen since the 18th of May, and aware of the speculations that were being created around his striking absence in the sets of ‘Sálvame’ and ‘Supervivientes’, Jorge Javier Vázquez broke his silence last weekend and revealed, through his social networks, that he has decided to leave -at least for the moment- his job on television. “Forgive me for stealing a moment. I want to thank all those people who have contacted me to show me their affection, their support and their understanding. Your words make me smile, move me to tears and keep me thinking that it was worth it. But sometimes you have to stop. The body and the mind send you signals and throughout my life I have been little to listen to them. Until today. I need to stop to take care of myself. To ask myself what I want. If I have it clear. If I don’t know better, I wait. At this moment, returning is the last thing I think of although maybe it’s what I want most tomorrow. I don’t know. So for now I can only say ‘Goodbye’. ‘Until when I can’. ‘Until something arises’. And, above all, thank you. Thank you to you, it was worth it,” he wrote.

Reactions to Vázquez’s Departure

A definitive goodbye for the moment that has left his followers desolate, which leaves many questions and about which one of his best friends, Rocío Carrasco, now speaks. It was precisely with her that we saw Jorge Javier for the last time two weeks ago, when they went out overflowing with complicity and smiles to see the musical ‘Aladdin’ on Madrid’s Gran Vía. Despite the fact that the presenter has hinted that he is discouraged and unmotivated, the daughter of Rocío Jurado, who speaks to him daily, confesses that “I see him well”. “We had a great time, we were great and I see him well, but you have to ask him that,” she added, giving the silence as an answer to whether we will soon see him again on television or if he believes that his retirement will be definitive.

Rocío Carrasco’s Response to Criticism

Just arrived from Pamplona after fulfilling her professional commitments, Rocío has also not wanted to respond to those who have criticized her for not having been present at the tribute to her mother in Chipiona on the 17th anniversary of her death: “For me, every day of every year is special. I don’t need a specific day. I make tributes every day of my life,” she made clear, launching a dart -we do not know if consciously or unconsciously- to the attendees at the event, among whom were her daughter Rocío Flores, her sister Gloria Camila and José Ortega Cano, among others.


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