Marilou Berry weight loss: Confirms unhealthy weight loss in video – several kilos.


Marilou Berry’s Complaint

In April last year, Marilou Berry revealed that she had filed a complaint for “fraud” and “identity theft”. The 40-year-old actress had realized that her image was being used to promote slimming pills.

Manipulated Images and Voice

And the person or persons responsible for this deception went very far for her fans to fall into the trap. Indeed, in a new video posted on Instagram this Friday, June 9, Marilou Berry explained that photo and video montages had been made with her image. Even her voice was “cloned”. “That’s crazy, I can’t believe it,” she comments in voiceover.

Promoting Body-Positivism

Result: Josiane Balasko’s daughter receives many messages every day asking if she is really an advocate of slimming pills or revealing her tricks for losing weight. In the caption of her post, she therefore made a clarification that she hopes will open the eyes of all. “Keto thing-truck, it’s a scam. They manipulate my image and voice to sell their dangerous miracle pills for your health,” she denounced from the start. Before revealing the real background of her weight loss, which was not at all sought after: “I have indeed lost weight recently… and at the risk of disappointing you, here is my secret: 3 months of shooting, far from home, with a bad canteen… the days are long and we are constantly standing, in full sun… there you have it.” The rest of her text was mainly dedicated to promoting body-positivism, which she has long suffered from malicious comments about her silhouette. “In my life, I have been obese, fat, round, thin and even thin. I am very proud of everything I have been, very proud of the great leap that my body is capable of offering me. (…) Diets are crap but it is above all an industry and an industry is made to make profits, do not forget. Do not let anyone make you feel small, not even a doctor,” she advised her community. Internet users were numerous to thank her for having raised the problem and restored the truth. Hoping that no one will be fooled anymore!


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