Sarah Fraisou in bikini: See her new slim body!


Sarah Fraisou’s Transformation

In 2014, Sarah Fraisou was revealed to the public when she participated in The Princes of Love 2. At the time, she was a singular reality TV candidate with an opulent chest and a lot of curves. The young woman even went as far as weighing 130 kilos. Although she assured she felt good in her body, over time, she finally decided to lose weight. And now it has been several months since Sarah Fraisou has changed. Indeed, very proud of her efforts over several years and especially the visible results, the brunette likes to show off her slimmed-down silhouette. Gone are the clothes she used to hide in. Today, she prefers tight-fitting outfits.

Sarah Fraisou’s Weight Loss Journey

On Monday, June 5th, she did not hesitate to pull out a tight sports look during her gym session, which also had a very low-cut back. On one particular photo, you could almost say her bones were visible. Her buttocks are curved and muscular and her stomach is flat. But Sarah Fraisou was not done impressing. After a good workout, she went to relax at the pool where she this time assumed the bikini. Since the beginning of her transformation, Sarah Fraisou has lost forty kilos. To reach her goals, she followed a strict diet and regular physical exercises.

Sarah Fraisou’s Body Modifications

But that’s not all. She also had a gastric balloon inserted in May 2020 and also had a breast reduction, something she had wanted for a long time. Finally, Sarah Fraisou has never hidden having done several liposuctions and fat reinjection into her buttocks. “For me, I didn’t necessarily have a woman’s size. So I changed the shape of my body,” she justified in the Chez Jordan show.


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